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Blog Posts & FAQs

Published on 21st October 2018

I design and write content (FAQs and articles) for FreedomPop U.S, FreedomPop U.K, and UNREAL Mobile support websites. These articles are informative in nature, using images, videos and descriptive language to help customers understand the company's products and policies. 

Articles follow the same layout - a summary at the top of the page, to catch users that 'skim', and the body of the article, for users that need a more in depth explanation. Below are some examples of the content I have written:   

How does the Private Internet Service work?

FreedomPop private internet is a VPN service. This article explains how the service works, how to activate it, and how to begin using it on a desktop computer.

How to pay your bill and update your card

FreedomPop is a paperless company. This article explains how a customer can update their payment information and when to expect payment deductions. 

How unlimited data works

UNREAL Mobile wants to be a nationwide leader in unlimited mobile internet service. This article explains what a customer can expect from their unlimited talk, text and data plan.

I collaborate with product managers to make sure my information is accurate, and use Oracle and Google Analytics to keep track of customer behavior, and determine where my efforts are needed most.