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FreedomPop Training Course

Published on 20th October 2016

The course was created using Wix.com, and serves FreedomPop customer service representatives in the U.S, the Philippines, Guatemala, Mexico, and Spain. In it, they are taught about the company, how the company’s products work, all about the company’s add-on services, and how to complete tasks such as: refunds, cancellations, activations, personal information updates, and more.

I storyboarded, edited, and recorded the video tutorials using Macintosh Software: QuickTime, Final Cut Pro and iMovie. The content focuses on hands-on learning, supplementing each section with an exercise that lets the new employees try out each procedure on their own, in a controlled environment. I am familiar with open source LMS systems like CourseSites, but decided to use a combination of Wix.com and Google Drive products, because they were more easily accessible for both me and the employees, and gave me more control of the layout.

Representatives appreciate this online course because it allows them to move at their own pace and provides a lot of reinforcement — exercises, review quizzes, a reference section — to the learning material. In addition to teaching new employees, the course is used as a kind of “refresher” to existing employees, who may need to revisit the material. Please review my LinkedIn page to learn more about my experience as a Training Manager, and the course I created for FreedomPop representatives.