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Knowledge-Base Management

Published on 9th November 2018

Knowlede-base Management:

I will write articles and FAQs that teach your customers how to use your products. I can also provide ongoing management services, where I review analytics for your service and write articles as information changes and as customers alter their behavior. 

I’ll sit with your subject matter experts to answer the following questions: 

"What do you sell or provide?"
"How does your product work?"
"What are the major questions your customers have? What are most of your incoming customer service emails about?"
"What methods of tracking do you have?  How do you measure success?"

Then, I’ll discuss an outline plan with your product leaders. See this document for a sample. 

The initial first draft will be discussed with your subject matter experts and approved by your product leaders. Any necessary revisions will be made, and the files will be sent to you, in your preferred format. 

If ongoing revision is necessary, I'll discuss a management plan with your product leaders, including: