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Online Training Courses

Published on 9th November 2018

eLearning Course

I can create product, software or application modules, teaching your employees how your products work, how to navigate your UI or use your applications. 

I'll work with your subject matter experts, to determine your goals and gather information. The following information would be discussed: 

"How will the training course be hosted?"
"Will SCORM compatibility be required?"
"What do your employees struggle with most?"
"How do you measure employee success?"
"What existing resources are available to employees?"
"Do you have any time limits for the course?"

Then, I’ll discuss an outline plan with your product leaders. See this document for a sample. 

The initial first draft will be reviewed with your subject matter experts and approved by your product leaders. Any necessary revisions will be made, and the files will be sent to you via email, in your preferred format.