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Project: Website Improvements

Published on 17th August 2018

The Problem: 

For customers that clicked on our “Getting Help” category, I wanted to understand why they were on that part of our website, instead of one of our articles. This is similar to my goal of decreasing incoming emails, however in this case, I wanted a more overall look at where our FAQ site was going wrong. 

My Approach:

I added a feedback function on the Get Help category, designed to receive important feedback about our site in under 3 clicks. Customers are asked to “Help us improve our Support website. Complete the following sentence. Information is (Missing, Unsatisfying, Incomplete).”

The Solution: 

I track the clicks to determine if the biggest problem with the FAQ website is missing information, Information that doesn’t fully answer a customer’s questions, or information that fails to address a specific topic. 

With this, I discovered that most customers found the website was missing articles that would have answered their questions. I consulted Oracle Service Cloud reports, to determine where the blind spots were, and wrote articles to fill in those gaps.